25-year-old arrested in connection to violent crime spree

25-year-old arrested in connection to violent crime spree (Image 1)

A parolee is now being held without bond on charges that accuse him of wreaking violence in the vicinity of J.C. Napier homes and north Nashville neighborhoods since late March.

Victor Jones, 25, received two 12-year concurrent sentences in 2007 for attempted robbery convictions.

He is now identified by police as the gunman who shot a 32-year-old man during a robbery on Cannon Street Friday morning.

He fled the scene and surrendered to authorities a few hours later after seeing that the Gang Unit and SWAT officers had caught up to him at a motel off Dickerson Pilke.

Police said a search warrant was obtained for Jones' motel room where they recovered a pistol and belongings taken from Friday morning's shooting and robbery victim.

Authorities also said that despite finding evidence, Jones denied knowledge of any criminal activity.

At the time of Friday's incident, Jones was already wanted for robbing a man at gunpoint in the J.C. Napier homes on April 4, and for shooting the same man two days later.

He is also suspected of robbing a man outside a Jefferson Street restaurant on March 22, and selling cocaine to a police operative at a fast food restaurant on March 21.

The investigation into his activities is on-going.

Police reported that they believe Jones has moved from place to place over the past several weeks to avoid being caught.

Currently, Jones has 10 criminal counts against him, including two counts of aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, and gun possession during the commission of a dangerous felony among other charges.

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