Family warns of skimmer on gas pump

Family warns of skimmer on gas pump (Image 1)

A Hermitage family wants to warn others that pay at the pump card machines can lead to crooks getting your credit card number.

The family believes a credit card skimmer attached to gas
pumps stole their credit card number twice since April.

A skimmer is what crooks use to copy a credit card number when
it is swiped through in a credit card machine.

The Terry family said their credit card numbers were stolen twice shortly after getting gas at a Hermitage gas station near their home.

“The first time it happened was back in April and we used the card at the pump,” Greg Terry said. “I paid at the pump then later the bank called and said there was some fraudulent charges that were going on.”

Terry owns a land surveying company and purchases gas almost every day. It was the first time his card number was stolen right after buying gas.

On Tuesday it happened again at the same gas station but this time it was his wife's credit card.

“About two hours later, purchases were being made in Florida on it,” he said. “We are on a lot of Facebook forums and there are a lot of people this is happening to right now.”

He continued, “Its something they need to address quickly and help these people keep from losing their money.”

Metro-Nashville Police's Fraud Division investigates cases of skimming.

Detective Michael Park said the scam is not new to Nashville and that typically ATMs are also targeted.

“What we generally find is when people are putting skimming machines on atm machines or gas pumps they are generally just coming through our area for a short period of time,” he said. “The only thing that may be different is that on a gas machine when you go to a gas pump you are not required to enter your pin number.”

Detective Park said you should pay close attention to the machine you swipe your card through to be sure someone has not altered the card swipe.

“Maybe the card reader itself is too little or not completely flush with the machine or maybe something is hanging out or a wire is hanging,” he said. “If you see something suspicious like a brochure box  that is not usually there that may be hiding a camera.”

Metro police said if you notice something suspicious notify the store and if you are a victim of a theft call the police.

The Terry's plan to pay for gas inside the store from now on and said the bank will replace the $100 the thieves stole.

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