Nashville road congestion doubles over past 30 years report says

Nashville road congestion doubles over past 30 years report says (Image 1)

Tomorrow when you wake up, chances are you'll have to deal with traffic.

A new report shows growing gridlock has wasted millions of Nashville dollars, resulted in lost time and is using extra fuel.

In fact, the latest study shows about half the miles you drive during the evening or in the morning are clogged.

The study, out this week is based on the 2012 Urban Mobility Report issued by The Texas A & M Transportation Institute.

It shows congestion in Nashville has nearly doubled over the last three decades.

It cost people in Nashville about $801 million in lost time and extra fuel.

This region is expected to reach three million residents by the year 2040. Making the traffic headache similar to what you might see in some of the nation's largest cities.

Nashville residents Nashville's News 2 spoke with weren't happy about that trend.

“I have lived in Atlanta and in Washington, D.C. and the traffic is really bad there, but here in particular places, in high traffic areas such as right around where we're talking, it can be pretty significant,” said Lucile Houseworth of Nashville.

“I am consistently infuriated. I am always saying things I shouldn't be saying. A lot of aggressive drivers that aren't friendly and won't let you when you need them to,” said Natalie Osborne of Nashville.

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