600 foot tower still planned for downtown

600 foot tower still planned for downtown (Image 1)

Did you ever see the dramatic images of a proposed skyscraper in the midst of downtown Nashville?

Those pictures are still out there, and there's still talk of the project getting off the ground.

“It's in a very preliminary stage of development,” said developer Tony Giarratana who quipped he's now “keeping a low profile about my tall buildings.”

He first proposed a 70-story building on the 5th Avenue and Church Street site in 2004, called the Signature Tower.

The economic downturn a few years later doused those ambitious plans, but some new ideas and pictures of a slightly smaller, more curvaceous building emerged in the fall of 2011.

Unlike the Signature Tower picture several years earlier, most people had not seen the images of the newer office tower.

“Nope, not those,” said David Briscoe as looked at the pictures on an iPad. “I do remember the Signature Tower, though.”

The latest 605-foot, 1.2 million square foot building was designed by Chicago architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture who also designed the world's tallest building in Dubai.

The site where the building would rise is now a parking lot.

Giarrantana has several smaller successful projects around downtown with his website saying he has developed more than a million and half square feet.

The developer also has plans and renditions for a hotel and condo development in the SoBro area just on the edge of downtown.

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