Hundreds of gallons of sewage dumped into pond at Cedar Hill Park

Metro officials are working to find out who dumped hundreds of gallons of sewage into a pond at Cedar Hill Park.

People at the park first noticed a blue-green substance in the water on Saturday.

“One day it was up at the mouth where the water comes in to the pond,” park user Carter Savage said. “Then after the wind the next day it had blown it down to the other side.”

At first many thought it was paint, but later Metro parks police determined it was sewage, most likely from a truck that disposes of sewage from port-a-potties or possibly a RV.

Police believe as much as 500 gallons of sewage was dumped in the lake, which people fish from and is home to a number of ducks.

“Its pretty disgusting in my opinion because everyday people are out here with kids, out here fishing and I assume eating them,” Savage said. “Hazardous waste like that shouldn't be in there at all especially in a park.”

He continued, “To have that much nerve to actually come in here and dump it that's pretty bad.”

Metro's water department is working with the parks and recreation department to decide the best way to clean up the pond.

“Metro Parks is working with Metro Water on the issue,” Community Affairs Superintendent Jackie Jones said. “The Water Department will take samples and advise us what steps, if any, need to be taken. “

The Environmental Protection Agency was also notified of the dumping.

On Monday, remnants of the sewage were still visible in shallow areas of the pond.

“I noticed it this morning when I got on the bridge it is a nasty green its normally not that bad over there,” park user John Jackson said. “That is terrible stuff.”

Metro Parks Police are looking for leads into who dumped the sewage into the pond.

The person could face federal fines as well as state charges.


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