Woman attempts to light car on fire with Molotov cocktail

Mom, 4 kids displaced after Maury County house fire (Image 1)
Mom, 4 kids displaced after Maury County house fire (Image 1)

A woman attempted to light another woman's car on fire in Clarksville on Wednesday.

The Leaf Chronicle reported that the incident occurred just after Midnight in the 100 block of James Drive.

A 19-year-old woman said that a small black car was driving down the street with their headlights off.

Shortly after she noticed the car, she told police that an unidentified woman came to her door and demanded money to help care for a baby that was possibly fathered by her deployed husband.

The unidentified woman then left and drove away only to return once again.

The 19-year-old noticed a fiery object being thrown towards her car, however the fire went out upon impact.

She reported that the unidentified woman continued to drive around the block a few more times before leaving for good.

The newspaper reported that police found a burnt piece of paper on the trunk of the car along with a plastic bottle filled with paper towel and covered with an accelerant.

A suspect was listed and the 19-year-old complainant said that the woman had made threats to her before via social media Web sites.

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