Program provides free transportation from Nashville restaurants, bars

Program provides free transportation from Nashville restaurants, bars (Image 1)

Around 70,000 people are expected to pack the streets of downtown Nashville each night of the annual CMA Music Festival.

While visitors and tourists enjoy a night out on the town, there's a program to provide free transportation and tow home from any Nashville area restaurant or bar.

AAA has a program called Tow-to-Go that offers free rides and even a car tow during the CMA fest.

One fan, Michelle McClanahan, got a DUI a few years ago, so she is taking extra precautions this year.

“There was a guy in the car with me. I got pulled over. I didn't think I was intoxicated and I was. The next day, I felt like I owed the world an apology. I could have killed myself, I could have killed him,” she said of the DUI incident.

Joanna Newton with Tow to Go program said that if someone calls, they will get them home.

“We can't guarantee every time we are going to able to tow you. The main thing is you have a plan A. Don't wait until you have a couple drinks into the night to figure it out,” she said.

Thursday night, AAA drivers gave around 50 rides home.

“We did have a few people who were intoxicated and should not have been on the road. So we assisted with them in getting them in getting transportation from LP Field to their home or their hotel,” said Paul Conrad, Operations Manager.

Two other operations workers said demand is up for services about 10 percent compared to last year.

To learn more about the Tow to Go program, visit their Web site.

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