Employees at Spring Hill company transported to hospital

Employees at Spring Hill company transported to hospital (Image 1)

Hundreds of people were treated for sickness at a Spring Hill company on Friday.

The problems began occurring around Noon at Ibex Global on North Field Drive.

Approximately 274 employees were treated for flu-like symptoms, including fainting and vomiting, on-site outside of the company's three building.

At least 16 were transported to the hospital for evaluation. None were listed as critical.

Authorities evacuated the entire building, which included around 700 employees total.

No cause has been found, however the company will proceed as usual tomorrow.

Ibex Global released a statement late Friday night.

“Once Ibex Global employees began receiving care, the company worked with the building's owner, General Motors and the landlord, the South Central Tennessee Work Force Alliance to assist local officials in determining what might have prompted the complaints,” the statement read.

The statement continues by saying that officials, including environmental engineers, conducted air quality inspections for all three of the company's buildings.

Carbon monoxide levels were considered within normal limits.

Ibex Global said that during the inspection, building maintenance found a malfunctioning air handling unit that had elevated temperatures and caused poor air circulation. It is believed that the malfunctioning unit had to have some connection with the complaints.

The statement continued, “Subsequently, the air handling unit was repaired and air circulation inside the buildings has returned to normal. Ibex Global, meanwhile, has engaged an environmental testing firm to inspect the building and to monitor air quality out of an abundance of caution.”

Ibex added that giving their employees a safe, healthy environment to work in is their first concern.

The company is a call center headquartered in Washington D.C. that works as a business process outsourcer.

Work resumed Saturday at Ibex Global without incident.

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