Dogs alert homeowner of would-be intruder

Dogs alert homeowner of would-be intruder (Image 1)

An east Nashville woman is lucky she was not hurt after confronting a would-be intruder outside her home.

Michele Loftis heard her three dogs barking around 8 p.m. Wednesday night outside her Meridian Street home.

When she looked outside, she saw a man standing in her fenced-in backyard.

Loftis walked outside and told the man to get off her property, but the man didn't leave. Instead, he started coming toward her and grabbed her head and tried to push her down.

“When he put his hands on me, I was realizing that this could go south pretty quick and this probably wasn't the best place for me to be right now,” said Loftis.

Loftis was able to get inside and shut the door.

“He tried to break it down with his shoulder and wasn't able to get in, but then he stood there at the door yelling,” said Loftis.

The homeowner called 911 for help.

Police arrived a few minutes later and found Keandre Burkley, 23, still outside in the backyard.

He was arrested and charged with assault, burglary and resisting arrest.

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