6-year-old girl injured in dog attack to undergo surgeries

6-year-old girl injured in dog attack to undergo surgeries (Image 1)

 A six-year-old Middle Tennessee girl was severely injured in a dog attack Tuesday night.

Madison Mason sustained serious injuries to both sides of her head, right ear as well as her left ear and cheek area.

She was running into her backyard when she startled the family's German Shepherd, who reacted by biting both sides of her head.

Madison was initially transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center before being transferred to Shiners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati to undergo reconstruction surgery.

She underwent her first surgery on Wednesday morning, however she is expected to undergo additional surgeries.

Her surgeon said that although more procedures await her, Madison should make a full recovery.

“The good news is, when her hair grows back, nobody's every going to know anything happened to her,” said Richard Kagan, chief of staff at Shriners Hospital.

Her father, Tim Mason, said that there are a hundred ways it could have been worse.

“All of her injuries are on the inside of the hairline, except for one on her eye and ear,” he said.

The family's pastor has been in close contact with Masons.

“Just the prayers and concerns have meant just so much to them. This is going to be a two to five year process to get back to where she needs to be,” said Dale Robble, the pastor of Highland Park Church.

Robble also said that he believes Madison has what it takes.

“Just a beautiful child, inside and out. Miss Personality. And that's a concern for the parents as well, is how she'll do during this recovery, but I really believe she's going to do fine,” he explained.

As for the dog, who was highly trained, it is now back with its original owner.

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