Man arrested on 10 counts of vandalism in north Nashville

Man arrested on 10 counts of vandalism in north Nashville (Image 1)

Police have arrested a man on 10 different charges of vandalism after police said he spray-painted houses and cars in north Nashville.

Vonshae King, 26, along with several other juveniles, were arrested for vandalizing property in a neighborhood near Briley Parkway and White's Creek Pike.

On Monday, police said they responded to Augusta Drive near Dubois Drive after a call about several individuals walking in the area and spray painting property.

Police were already aware of recent incidents of the same nature in that area.

Several victims reported spray paint on their garage doors, brick homes, mailboxes and cars.

One victim said this is the second time his garage door had been spray painted. He said about a week ago someone spray painted “TNT” on his door. Then, on Monday he was targeted again. This time there was another “TNT” painted on his door, along with the words, “we back.”

One victim said her 2008 Cadillac Escalade had been spray painted on the hood, down both sides and on the license plate.

When officers arrived, they saw some of the juveniles drop six paint cans and some had paint on their hands. The colors were black, green, and blue – the same colors used in the past.

King is being charged with eight counts of vandalism of property over $1,000 and two counts of vandalism on property under $500.

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