Local church members make 2nd trip to help Oklahoma tornado victims

Local church members make 2nd trip to help Oklahoma tornado victims (Image 1)

After travelling to Oklahoma last week to help out victims of the devastating tornado, some people went back for a second round of help.

Members of Cross Point Church decided to return to the heartland after more storms hit central Oklahoma.

Many felt they had no choice but to go help out again.

“How can I not? It's one of those things; I have flexibility in my work. I'm very fortunate. I hate the time and I can't not,” said Paula Swift, a member of the church.

This trip will be a lot like the first one.

“We did yard debris pick-up. We had the opportunity to help a homeowner just about a block away, not even a block away from the Plaza Tower Elementary School,” she explained.” Home was a complete pile of rubble. We had the opportunity to go in and find some precious mementos: photographs.”

Cross Point members also took victims of the tornadoes gift cards so they can buy replacements for things they lost.

“If they need to go buy something, they don't have to wait. Here's a gift card. Go take of that. Fill that need. And we're just going to do more of that this week,” said Ryan Bult, the campus pastor.

He said the storms on Friday made the whole situation worse for residents in Oklahoma.

They're busy cleaning up, then they had to hide and try to find cover yet again.

The Cross Point members have a kinship with Oklahomans because they know some of them have picked up and hit the road to help, too.

Many came to Nashville during the flood of May 2010.

“They know what it means to sacrifice because they've done it themselves. They came here during the floods from that area, so they know what that feels like and I think it means a lot as you're trying to return back, knowing that somebody took time off work, traveling thousands of miles to say, ‘Hey, we're here for ya',” the pastor explained.

The group is scheduled to return to Nashville on Friday.

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