Columbia boy subject of hoax blog

Columbia boy subject of hoax blog (Image 1)

It was a heart breaking story, a mother desperately blogging about her little boy who died of cancer, but it turned out to be a hoax using pictures of a local family.

The Web site was called 'Remembering Reilly' in which a fictitious mother blogs about her emotional stress after losing her son to cancer.

Last week Sarah Gilliam, a wife, mother and professional photographer from Columbia learned that her son's pictures were used for the hoax.

“I feel like my son was the real victim here, whether he knows it or not,” Gilliam said.

The pictures were taken from Gilliam's Web site and Facebook page and used without the family's permission.

The 'Remembering Reilly' site was discovered to be lies by the Warrior Eli Hoax group, which is dedicated to exposing fraudulent web sites.

Taryn Wright, founder and blogger for the Warrior Eli Hoax group, says these hoax sites highlight the fact that people should be careful what they post to the Internet.

“I think it's a big wake up call for a lot of parents about the type of things they post and the privacy settings with which they post them,” said Wright. “It's something that people shouldn't have to worry about. But, sadly in this day and age, you do.”

The 'Remembering Reilly' Web site has been removed.

The Eli Warrior Hoax group believes the person responsible for the site is a teenage girl, who is apparently asking that the matter not go to authorities.

No profits were made from the site, but a lot of unsuspecting people fell for the hoax.

Gilliam is working with an attorney to determine the next move and decide whether authorities should be notified.

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