Police say downtown crime rate at record low

Police say downtown crime rate at record low (Image 1)

Metro Police is boasting about their newest success when it comes to fighting crime.

“We're not having a good year, we're having an outstanding year,” said Commander Jason Reinbold of the Metro Police Department.

Compared to last year the crime rate is down more than 23 percent. It's also more than eight percent below the precinct's best year ever which was in 2010. 

However, based on crime statistics the next couple of days officers are anticipating being very busy.

“In the past two years, this approaching weekend has been somewhat concerning to us and where we've had some problems, what we've done is taken our available resources and dedicated them to putting them in the places that we believe will combat crime, ” said Commander Reinbold.

Officers look at weather trends, special events and other factors to anticipate where and when extra enforcement may be needed.

This upcoming weekend you can expect to see more officers hitting the streets.


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