Nashville gets first alternative fuel cabs

Nashville gets first alternative fuel cabs (Image 1)

Nashville's first all-green taxi fleet hit the roads Friday.

Green Cab, Inc is rolling out 35 new alternatively fueled vehicles.

The majority are Hybrid cars, but eventually Green Cab hopes to have all compressed, natural gas vehicles.

“Which is a lot better for the environment as well,” Green Cab Inc consultant Stephen Fawehinmi told Nashville's News 2.

The vehicles lighten the footprint on the environment at no additional cost to the consumer.

“It does not cost the rider anymore than riding in any other taxi cab business in town,” said Fawehinmi.

Unlike most taxi cab companies, Green Cab owns the vehicles, which saves the driver thousands of dollars in gas.

“For the average driver, on an annual basis, it's about a $10,000 savings from the fuel perspective,” Fawehinmi explained.

Taxis are an icon for a busy city, and Green Cab says Nashville is the prime spot due to the sense of entrepreneurship the city boasts.

“Our goal is to be the premiere cab company in Nashville providing excellent customer service to make sure it's an exciting opportunity for folks when they are riding with us to have a different kind of experience ” Fawehinmi said.

Green Cab is also looking to hire around fifty employees including; drivers, dispatchers and marketing specialist. For more information visit

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