Some experts believe summer allergies may be worse this season

(Photo: WKRN)

Suffering from allergies?

You're not alone.  Some experts believe the summer allergy season could be worse than usual.

At Centennial Park Thursday afternoon, a mother playing with her young children said it's so bad that she has to schedule time for her kids to play outside according to the weather.  

“It rained this morning so that gave us a little bit of relief,” Janee Mason told Nashville's News 2. 

Health officials say the culprit is pollen and lots of it.

“It's particularly bad now because we're in the middle of growing season,” explained Brian Todd with the Metro Health Department. “When you have plants growing, trees budding, grass growing, you're going to have pollen.”

Unfortunately, experts say it will go on for awhile until the first frost of the fall.

“It can be more than a headache and we're only beginning,” said Mason.

If you suffer from allergies, health officials urge you to stay indoors as much as possible and try over-the-counter medications for relief. In severe cases, see a doctor. 

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