Franklin grandma posts unique warning for speeding drivers

Franklin grandma posts unique warning for speeding drivers (Image 1)

A Franklin grandmother says her speed limit sign does what the official street sign does not.

Damon Rogers put up a sign in her front yard that reads “Speed limit 25. Hit my kid or my dog because you're speeding, you won't need a lawyer.”

Rogers told Nashville's News 2 that it isn't unusual to see drivers going 50 or 60 miles-per-hour on Boyd Mill Avenue, near downtown Franklin.

“On this street we've had a child who's been hit,” Rogers said. “We had a teenager total a car right across the street.”

Rogers said Franklin police are doing a good job in the community, but she would like to see more of a police presence.

“Our police department does such a wonderful job, in getting drugs off the street and burglaries, that I don't feel they need to be fooling 100% of the time with speeders,” she said. “Citizens can take action and try to help our police department.”

Nashville's News 2 used an iPhone app to clock speeders on her street and after a minute, found someone doing 41 miles per hour in the 25 mile per hour zone.

In terms of her sign, Rogers said it was affective at first.

“For about three or four days it did slow traffic down because they were reading the sign. However, there you go. We're back to speeders,” she explained.

Rogers said in the past she's stood by her mailbox with a hairdryer to make drivers think she had a radar gun. She has another sign planned too.

“My next sign I'm going to put up is 'senior citizens at play. 25 mph,” she added.

A Franklin Police Department spokesman said they've seen the sign and, like other citizen complaints about speeding, they'll add patrol cars in the neighborhood.

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