Famous Dave’s sends ‘Famous Salutes’ to armed forces

Famous Dave's sends 'Famous Salutes' to armed forces (Image 1)

At Famous Dave's this holiday weekend many people are doing more than enjoying good BBQ, they're sending notes of encouragement to service men and women.

Organizers started the ‘Famous Salute' program six years ago.

They send letters to soldiers who have been hurt in combat, men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

“It's been very positive. We have a lot of people writing for us. We also write letters as well. We want to be as active as possible,” said Kayla Wright.

Co-owner of the Tennessee locations of Famous Dave's had a brother serving in Kuwait and when he returned home he told his brother that our service men and women needed a little encouragement.

“And when he came home he was telling them how a lot of soldiers over there don't receive letters. And that's when they came up with the idea,” said Wright.

The program has been going for about six years and an overwhelming number of people participate.

“Thank you for fighting for our country so we can have freedom. Without you we couldn't go to school so thanks for all that you do,” said 11-year-old Quania.

“They are just great people doing great things for us, so I just want to write someone a letter and tell them I appreciate what they do,” said Tony Perkins.

The people who write the letters don't know the military members personally but they are more than happy to show gratitude to men and women fighting for our freedom.

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