Nashville judge permanently suspends guardian

Nashville judge permanently suspends guardian (Image 1)
Nashville judge permanently suspends guardian (Image 1)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – A Nashville judge has permanently suspended the public guardian of Davidson County while citing “significant concerns” that she charged excessive fees to the elderly and disabled people she is supposed to protect.

The Tennessean is reporting that Probate Judge Randy Kennedy terminated public guardian Jeanan Mills Stuart following questions over her billing practices.

As public guardian, Stuart was responsible for making legal, medical and financial decisions for incapacitated people who had no family or friends willing or able to make decisions for them.

The paper's revelations showed how Stuart charged those in her care legal rates of $200 to $225 an hour to perform tasks such as shopping or helping them move to an assisted living facility.

Stuart, who has resigned, did not respond to a call seeking comment.

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