Mom given once-in-a-lifetime gift from son on Mother’s Day

Mom given once-in-a-lifetime gift from son on Mother's Day (Image 1)

A Franklin mom got to witness just what every mother dreams of – her child achieving their dream.

Lori Joseph was there when the New York Yankess drafted her son, Corban, a former Franklin High School baseball standout, in 2008.

Now, in 2013, she got to witness another milestone, Corban getting his first ever major league hit.

Lori found out Mother's Day morning, that her youngest son was called up by the Yankees for Monday's games against the Indians in Cleveland.

It was at that very moment Lori knew a road trip was in store. She hit the road with her mom for a Mother's Day that would be unlike any other.

The two drove overnight to make it to the Yankees and Indians doubleheader where Corban got starts number one and two of his career.

He also got his first hit, a line drive over the middle that he stretched into a double.

After the game, there were hugs and congratulations handed out, but Corban made the day even more special by giving his mom the ball that came off his bat for his first ever hit.

“I said, ‘Corban this is yours, it was your goal, and you met it and it's just amazing, I'm just so proud of you,'” Lori recalled.

Corban then took the ball out of his pocket and said “Happy Mother's Day,” and handed her the ball.

“I was like, ‘The ball! I know what that means,'” Lori said.

“I knew when he gave me that it was a piece of him, a piece of a goal that he met,” she said. “I knew that was a huge thank you, but that was a huge symbol of gratitude and I was very humbled by it.”

Lori has another son that is making strides in professional baseball, too. Caleb, who attended Lipscomb, is in the Baltimore Orioles organization.

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