Metro schools have long-standing tornado plans

Metro schools have long-standing tornado plans (Image 1)

The Oklahoma schools hit by the tornado probably struck close to the heart of every parent.
Many wondered where their own children would go if they were in the path of a tornado.

In Metro Nashville schools, who are often without basements or any kind of storm shelter, there are long-standing plans that principals say have been recommended by architects or structural engineers.

“We go to first floor inner hallways, away from any windows or things breakable,” Napier Elementary principal Dr. Ronald Powe told Nashville's News 2. “It's the script, standard process, it's the protocol.”

Once students get in those inner hallways, Powe said their “their heads would be down, and teachers would be monitoring them throughout the day.”

Napier parents like Angela Cole seem re-assured.

“They know specifically what to do what dangerous storms or things happen,” shesaid while watching her 4th grade daughter at recess.

“When there are tornadoes or anything, I don't feel scared cause I know my child is safe once she's in school,” she added.

Those are words a principal likes to hear about his number one priority–the safety of students–in any weather.

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