Cheekwood presents nighttime “Light” exhibit

Cheekwood presents nighttime "Light" exhibit (Image 1)
Cheekwood presents nighttime "Light" exhibit (Image 1)

Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art is presenting an exhibit that only works during nighttime hours.

“LIGHT”, the creation of British artist Bruce Munro, will be shown to the public from May 24 through November 10.

The site-specific exhibition of large-scale outdoor lighting installations and indoor sculptures transform Cheekwood's rolling hills and gardens into an iridescent landscape that emerges at nightfall.

The Wiltshire-based Munro is an installation artist working with light in all its forms.

“A lot of the pieces, particularly the larger pieces outside on the beautiful grounds of Cheekwood, are really expressing ideas or moments of connection that I have notated in my sketchbooks over the years and have then decided to bring them fruition,” said Munro.

LIGHT uses more than 160 miles of reusable fiber optic cable and more than 100 light projectors.

For more information about visiting the exhibit, visit

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