Multiple DUI offender free again

Multiple DUI offender free again (Image 1)

Neighbors of Jonathan Greene are once again living in fear because the 26-year-old Mount Juliet man is out of jail following a 120 day jail sentence for DUI second offense.

Greene was originally charged with DUI third offense in November 2012 in Wilson County.

Greene has been convicted of DUI three times before in Wilson and Davidson counties.

He was convicted of DUI first offense in Wilson County in 2005 and in Davidson County in 2007.

He was then convicted of DUI second offense in Wilson County in February 2013. Greene was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days in jail.

Fifty percent of that sentence was suspended and Greene was required to serve 120 days at 100% in the Wilson County Jail.

He still has a pending DUI second offense charge in Davidson County in connection with an August 2012 arrest.

He also has numerous arrests for public intoxication, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage and violation of the open container law.

Neighbors previously told Nashville's News 2 that when Greene is out of jail he continues to drink and drive through the neighborhood putting their children at risk.

“While his car is not running and while he is off the street it is safer,” A neighbor who did not want to be identified at the time said.

Nashville's News 2 spoke with Assistant District Attorney Jack Bare from Wilson County. Bare prosecuted Greene's case.

He said despite Greene's plea agreement that allowed him to plead guilty to the lesser charge of DUI second offense, Greene was still sentenced according to the guidelines for a DUI third offense.

Greene is also required to pay a $1,100 fine, attend a victim impact panel, have an alcohol/drug assessment and his license is revoked.

The DA's office has also filed a petition to have Greene named a habitual motor vehicle offender.

If a judge grants the petition in June, Greene could be charged with a Class E Felony if he is caught driving a vehicle.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving could not comment specifically on Greene's case, but said multiple DUI offenders have to face harsher punishments to lower the chances of them re offending.

“MADD is always supporting harsh penalties that send a strong message that we are responsible for our choices,” MADD of Tennessee State Executive Director Flint Clouse said. “It is very unfair when someone else puts other people's lives in danger.”

MADD successfully advocated for a Tennessee bill that requires all DUI offenders, even first time offenders, to have their cars fitted with an ignition interlock device as a requirement of having a restricted driver license.

The governor signed it into law this month and it takes effect July 1. The bill allows for people convicted of DUI prior to July 1st to opt into the program in order to obtain a restricted driver license.

“Everyone has heard or learned of the devastation caused by drunk driving,” Clouse said. “It is kind of shocking that it is still a problem today, but it is.”

Clouse said the required use of interlock devices for all DUI offenders has been known to reduce dui related deaths by 30% and repeat offenses, but 67% in states where it is already the law.

Greene is scheduled for a court hearing in connection with that charge May 28, 2013.

Davidson County prosecutors said Greene's previous convictions could be considered during his Davidson County trial and sentencing if he is convicted.

Attempts to reach Greene for comment at his home were unsuccessful and a message left for him with his attorney was not returned.

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