Last minute lottery ticket buyers flood convenience stores

Last minute lottery ticket buyers flood convenience stores (Image 1)

In the final hours before the drawing last minute buyers flooded convenience stores hoping to buy the lucky lottery ticket on Saturday.

The winning jackpot has swelled to at least $600 million dollars.

“I'm hoping to hit the big one right here. And if I do, I'm just going to take care of the family,” said David Wilson of Hermitage.

The massive jackpot is giving millions of Americans a quick daydream, a chance to ask “what if?”
Some have lavish plans, others have more charitable ideas.

Gayle Jones of Hendersonville said “You know, honestly, my husband and I talked about it. And, as corny as it may sound, we can't think of anything we'd do for ourselves. We just can think of a lot of other things we'd do for a lot of other people.”

To put $600 million dollars into perspective this is what the winning lottery ticket could buy: 7,000 Porsche 911's, 2,300 luxury speed boats and more than 16,000 two carat diamond rings from Tiffany's.

But who's counting, right?

“I ain't going to buy an island, but I'm going to pay some bills,” said Wayne Archibald of Nashville.

The chances of winning Saturday's lottery are 1 in 175.2 million.

The odds don't seem to be discouraging buyers though, millions of two dollar tickets were being sold every hour.


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