‘The Lion King’ takes the stage at TPAC through May

'The Lion King' takes the stage at TPAC through May (Image 1)

Broadway's “The Lion King” has captivated audiences here in Nashville with vibrant music, dance and elaborate costumes.

Simba, Nala and the rest of the herd come to life on the stage at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, but the real magic happens back stage.

Make-up artists Kristin Yardey transforms actors into their characters.

“They are all so different and so much fun and it is so neat watching people transform before your very eyes into this persona, and they kind of do, they start acting like the character the farther you go into the make-up and it's really kind of neat,” Yardey said.

Performances will continue through May and the first few days of June at TPAC.

“What's wonderful about this show is it's for everybody, no matter what age you are. You're going to enjoy it,” Yardey added.

To purchase tickets, visit TPAC.org.

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