Student brings gun to school dance

Gun found in Memphis elementary school (Image 1)

A Freedom Middle School student was arrested Friday evening at the eighth grade dance after a student reported to school administrators that there was a student in possession of a gun.

According to the Williamson Herald, an eighth grader brought a loaded pistol to the school dance.

A School Resource Officer was present and arrested the student immediately without incident.

The Williamson County Sheriff's Department coordinated the student's arrest and subsequent transfer to Juvenile Detention.

FSSDs policy 6.309, zero-tolerance offenses, applies in this case. Violators of the zero-tolerance policy are subject to suspension and or expulsion from school for one year.

Freedom Middle School Principal Kristi Jefferson immediately notified parents of the incident through email and a recorded phone message.

“The overriding message is that all of the components were in place and worked exactly the way they were intended through the School Resource Officer program. Our administrators, our faculty and staff, and most importantly, our students knew exactly what to do in this situation and we are so thankful today that we can say no one was physically harmed,” said Director of Schools Dr. David Snowden.

School counselors will be available at Freedom Middle School on Monday for any student who needs their services.

The Williamson Herald contributed to this report.

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