Man robs 89-year-old woman while another distracts her

Man robs 89-year-old woman while another distracts her (Image 1)

Police in Franklin need help identifying three men who took advantage of an elderly woman.

The incident occurred at 5 p.m. Monday night on Avondale Drive.

Authorities reported that the 89-year-old victim had just gotten inside her home after tending her garden when a man knocked on the door.

The man wished her a Happy Mother's Day and proceeded to engage her in small talk while summoning a second man from the patio.

The first suspect blocked the victim's view while the second walked around inside her home.

Both suspects left in a black four-door sedan being driven by a third man.

The victim realized her belongings were stolen, including cash and jewelry such as a diamond wedding ring and 50th anniversary ring.

She notified police and gave the following descriptions of the three suspects:

Suspect 1 is pictured in the composite sketch. He has fair skin, stands around 6 feet tall and weighs approximately 200 pounds. He has very blue eyes and was wearing a light blue shirt, jeans, and a black hat.

Suspect 2 is described as a skinny, white male about five feet, seven inches tall wearing a black shirt and black pants.

The third suspect is described as a heavy set white male.

Anyone who recognizes the man in the sketch or has any information regarding the crime is urged to call Franklin police at 615-794-2513.

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