Smyrna golfer beats the odds with 3 holes-in-one

Smyrna golfer beats the odds with 3 holes-in-one (Image 1)

A Smyrna man beat the odds while enjoying a few rounds of golf with a longtime friend.

In less than a month, Bob Robertson had three holes-in-one on the same hole. He did so with his favorite club, a custom-made six-iron at the Smyrna Municipal Golf Course.

Robertson not only gets a place in golf history, but also the $500 hole-in-one pool at Smyrna Municipal Golf Course.

He told Nashville's News 2 he had been trying to win the money for his granddaughter and her upcoming mission trips.

“He just pecks it right down the middle, never in trouble,” his golfing buddy, Grady Cannon said.

Mr. Robertson admits golf has been a struggle, recently. At 77, the game can get away.

“I had a stroke,” Robertson said. It took out his right eye, making his golf game a little bit harder.

“I can't turn on the ball like I used to [be able to].”

Robertson said they used to call him “dead-eye” because he hit such straight balls.

“After the stroke he was afraid to call me that for a few years.”

Up until this last month it has been a pretty normal spring for these two buddies.

That was when Robertson got up to the second tee, a 106-yard par three. He then hit his first hole-in-one. It happened two more times within the next 28 days.

Years later, Bob Robertson is still living up to his name, “Dead Eye.”

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