Police prepared for typical spike in crime during summer months

Police prepared for typical spike in crime during summer months (Image 1)

With summer right around the corner, police are prepared for the typical spike in crime that typically occurs during the dog days of summer.

“This time of year we do see kind of an uptick of burglaries, but we are already ahead of the game, already looking at the areas that have been impacted the most and we putting resources in those areas,” Lt. John Drake said.

Part of the police plan includes using unmarked cars in high crime areas and putting marked cars at key cut off points in high crime neighborhoods.

“We are starting to focus on problem people,” Drake said.  

Police said they are also focusing on career criminals.

“They get arrested, get adjudicated and when they get released they go back to the same things,” Drake explained.

Police added they have seen criminals starting to commit crimes at an early age.

“A lot of the arrest and suspects that we have had are young juveniles. A lot of these children skip school or show up at school and then leave sometime during the day and go commit their crimes. A lot of times they know when classmates are in school that the house may be vacant,” explained Drake.
Richard Eastman told Nashville's News 2 he helps keep his neighborhood safe by watching for suspicious activity.

“I just pretty much watch the neighborhood and make sure that nothing is going on bad. If I see something shady I call the police,” he explained.

Drake added, “The nosey neighbor has always been one of our greatest allies.”

To view crimes in your neighborhood, visit CrimeMapping.com.

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