Scottish sheep roam the greens at Hermitage Golf Course

Scottish sheep roam the greens at Hermitage Golf Course (Image 1)

It's not every day that you can play golf and see sheep grazing on the golf course.

“Everybody's got 18 greens and 18 tees but it's your experience to come out and see something different, and they like it,” said Mike Eller, the owner of the Hermitage Golf Course.

Eller acquired first 13, then 22, and now 24 Scottish black faced sheep.

“The only other place that I know of in the country that has it is Wilson Straits up in Wisconsin. And we were up there with a group of friends playing the golf course. And I was walking down 13 and all of a sudden I started hearing these bells,” he explained.

“And all of a sudden I turned around and here are these sheep come rubbing right up against me, all those big horns and everything. And they were just so docile and gentle, I thought that this is the coolest thing,” Eller continued.
The sheep have some friends who take care of them, two Great Pyrenees dogs named Rachel and Andy.

Their job is keeping the coyotes away so the sheep are as happy as the golfers who enjoy watching them.

“And they got it made. Face it, 460 acres to roam around and eat anything they want,” Eller said.

If the golf course were in Scotland, this would not be so unusual. There are always sheep on the golf courses in Scotland.

But here in Nashville, this is the only place you're going to see sheep roaming the greens.

“Everybody that comes by here, they take their phone out immediately, and start taking pictures of them. We've had several people come out here and want to know which course the sheep are on. That's the course they want to play,” Eller added.

The Hermitage Golf Course is located at 3939 Old Hickory Blvd in Old Hickory.

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