Stolen property from 16 storage units found in family’s home

Stolen property from 16 storage units found in family's home (Image 1)

A Mt. Pleasant family is now behind bars after being accused of stealing the contents from more than a dozen storage units.

Police said the family had so much stolen property that it filled up their home and spilled over into the front yard.

Authorities recovered items such as flat screens, furniture and lawn equipment from the home of the Cook family, enough property to fill 16 storage units.

According to Mt. Pleasant police chief Tommy Goetz, the thefts occurred at Storage Express on May 3.

The locks on 16 units were cut and the merchandise was stolen.

Authorities said they clued in to the Cook family because they own a locker and they reportedly used their code multiple times that day.

Armed with a search warrant, police went to the Cook's home in Columbia and found merchandise stuffed in the family trailer as well as under tarps on the front lawn.

David Cook spoke to Nashville's News 2 investigates from jail and said he refutes the allegations made my police.

The Cooks are only charged in connection with one storage locker and the other 15 will be presented to the Grand Jury.

On Tuesday afternoon, police said they searched another storage locker the family owns and found $10,000 more in what police say is stolen merchandise.

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