Murfreesboro man arrested for 6th DUI

Murfreesboro man arrested for 6th DUI (Image 1)
Murfreesboro man arrested for 6th DUI (Image 1)

A man was simultaneously arrested for his 6th DUI and habitual motor offense in Murfreesboro on Sunday.

Around 1:15 a.m. police pulled over 35-year-old Edwin Myers for a noise violation.

Upon making contact with Myers, police stated that he smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

According to police, Myers could not properly perform a field sobriety test, either.

He was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

Once at the sheriff's office for booking, officers realized that Myers had been convicted of DUI five times prior to this incident, and was driving on a revoked license.

His was then charged with a total of three charges: driving under the influence, driving on a revoked license and habitual motor vehicle offender.

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