Metro officer arrests wanted Georgia fugitive

Metro officer arrests wanted Georgia fugitive (Image 1)

An east precinct officer has had two exceptional days back to back.

On Friday, Officer Cole Womack arrested a woman accused in a grizzly murder out of Georgia during a traffic stop on Dickerson Road.

The woman in the passenger's seat did not have identification and would not give the officer her name.

While questioning the woman, she tells police that she is Beverly Barber, a wanted fugitive out of Georgia who was convicted to 15 years in prison in connection with a murder.

“She wanted to tell me all about the murder she committed,” Womack said.

According to reports, Barber was there when two men slit the throat of 31-year-old Errin Hattaway.

The reports stated that the group then buried the woman in some bush in a cemetery.

Barber was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

In 2011, she was placed on parole while serving time at a treatment facility in Georgia.

Officials said that a year later, she “absconded from parole.”

Barber had been on the run for an entire year until Womack arrested her on Friday.

On Monday afternoon, Womack is lucky again, this time pulling over a blue Nissan.

The driver was Wilber Adams Jr, a wanted drug suspect.

Womack gets consent to undergo a search and found crack cocaine, crack pipes, and two loaded hand guns inside the vehicle.

Womack said Metro is considering the possibility of charging Adams with federal gun charges.

Barber is expected to be extradited back to Georgia.

Womack said he is just doing his job.

“Throw enough lines out there you eventually come across some criminals,” he added.

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