Titans’ Chris Johnson mentioned during shooting investigation

Titans' Chris Johnson mentioned during shooting investigation (Image 1)

Tennessee Titan Chris Johnson is being linked to an Orlando house that was the scene of a shooting last July.

The investigation involves a 15-year-old girl who was hit in the head by a stray bullet during a robbery attempt.

Johnson isn't implicated in any crime and was not at the home when the shooting and burglary took place, but the victim of the burglary, Chester Joseph, who is also the key witness, told investigators that Johnson and two other NFL players often used the house for parties and women.

“I use they spots a lot. Their condos, their houses and **** like that. So that's all I was doing like, really returning the favor,” Joseph said when he was interviewed by Orange County deputies.

Joseph said that Johnson, Jacksonville Jaguar Mike Sims-Walker and Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall would pay him $1,500 a month to use the house.

Joseph described himself as a gopher to the players and often ran errands for them when they were in town.

“Bro, go to the store and get me a 12-pack and pump. Here goes $100, keep the change” Joseph told deputies.

Joseph also implied that other Titans players may have stayed in the home.

“One of them players from their team, or probably from another team, they say man I'm coming to Orlando tonight man and I need somebody, you know to help me out, show me around, you know whoop whoop. Call Chad, hit me up,” Joseph told deputies.

Orlando Sentinel crime reporter Jeff Weiner covered the trial and said although no players were implicated in the shooting, the house was known to be where NFL players stayed.

“They believe this house was specifically targeted and the most obvious reason would have been, you know, if you have NFL players coming in and out of the house and fancy cars, you would assume there were expensive things inside,” said Weiner.

Investigators were not questioning Joseph about any drug use or other criminal activity at the house.

Weiner said he doesn't believe Johnson or any other NFL player will be at the center of any investigation.

“It doesn't seem that this case is progressing in a way where I would be worried about him getting into trouble” said Weiner.

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