DCS files finally handed over to petitioners

DCS files finally handed over to petitioners (Image 1)
DCS files finally handed over to petitioners (Image 1)

The files of 42 children who died in DCS custody were finally handed over to the media outlets who requested them.

A lawsuit was filed against DCS last year when the requested files were not handed over.

There were originally 50 children whose files were to be handed over, however in a hearing on Friday, DCS explained why the additional 8 files of children who died could not be accounted for.

Files for the eight children were never created because, according to DCS, there was no DCS referral at the time of death.

Chancellor McCoy has spent the last week reviewing the files to make sure they did not contain any identifying information.

At Friday's hearing, she stated reviewing the cases of the deceased hearing was hard because of the difficult subject matter.

Chancellor McCoy told DCS she expected this to be a “learning experience for the department about their record keeping.”

DCS must turn over an additional 50 files next.

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