3rd and Lindsley hosts benefit for Boston Marathon victims

3rd and Lindsley hosts benefit for Boston Marathon victims (Image 1)

Thursday night at 3rd and Lindsley was more than just a normal concert. It was to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon Tragedy on April 15.

“I think everybody just wants to do a little bit, anything that they can do to help,” said Lisa Halow, the manager of 3rd and Lindsley.

With Mike Farris headlining, singing classic Boston Songs to raise money…many in Music City are looking for any way to show their support.

“There's other people out here all across the United States who really care, feel for you and I think that's so important that they know how much even in Nashville,” Terri Frank said, an attendee at the benefit.

“It's such a horrible event but if you can try to give and kind of comfort of love back to the people that really helps,” Harlow said.

While Thursday's release of troubling information that the federal authorities may have suspected the bombings in Boston raise questions among some at the show.

“We just won't look at what's right before our eyes and that scares me a lot,” Frank added.

Many like Frank were determined not to let the new details of the bombings, overshadow the real reason for the evening.

“It makes me sad, it makes me upset, but it doesn't change the feelings about why I'm here for, but sometimes I think that the government is just misdirected,” she continued.

“The mood here tonight is here to celebrate and raise money and help the victims, and I don't think it's going to change anything, I think it's going to be an awesome night,” Eric Kilby added.

Proceeds from the $10 ticket sales will go straight to the victims in Boston.

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