Family of rescued Ohio woman resides in east Tennessee

Family of rescued Ohio woman resides in east Tennessee (Image 1)

One of the women rescued from a home in Ohio after being captured for nearly 10 years has family in east Tennessee.

Her grandparents heard Amanda's voice for the first time on Tuesday since she disappeared from Cleveland's west side in 2003.

Although she was born and raised in Cleveland, Amanda's father, grandparents and cousins all live in Elizabethtown, Tennessee.

At one point in time, most of the family lived in Ohio, too, but they moved back south over a decade ago.

Amanda visited them each summer before she disappeared.

On Tuesday, a flood of phone calls from Ohio to the family in Tennessee brought them all together.

John Berry, Amanda's father, said that he was thrilled to hear of her return. He was recovering at home from back surgery when he received a call from her.

He said he never gave up hope because he knows his daughter is a survivor.

“I don't know how to explain it. Best thing that ever happened to me. Best feeling I ever had,” he said.

Amanda's grandmother couldn't wait to hear her voice either.

Amanda told her family over the phone about her daughter, Christina, and that they would plan together really soon.

She will be reunited with her father sometime this week.

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