Clarksville Boy Scout leader resigns over gay ban on youth

Clarksville Boy Scout leader resigns over gay ban on youth (Image 1)

A longtime Clarksville Boy Scout leader resigned from his position with the Middle Tennessee Boy Scout Council Wednesday.

Scout leader, Bill Moser said he made the decision after the council released a statement saying openly gay scout members are not welcome in the organization.

“I did what my conscious told me to do. I can't support the Middle Tennessee Council. I will support my troupe here in town, and I'll work with the Boy Scouts but I will no longer support the Middle Tennessee Council,” said Moser.

In a letter to Middle Tennessee Council Scout Executive, Hugh Travis Moser called the council's rejection of openly gay youth unacceptable.

“If people stand on the sideline, and don't do what is right, pretty soon, they won't be on the side lines anymore, and someone will be taking aim at them,” he said..

The Scouts' current policy bands youth members who are openly gay. Scout officials said the decision was based on extensive research.

In an email to Nashville's News 2, Hugh wrote:

“A survey called voice of the scout was conducted by the national firm Northstar Opinion Research in February and March.  1,800 responded to the survey from Middle Tennessee.  80% of those who responded were unit leaders.  61% of parents and Scout Leaders favor keeping the current 103 year old policy while only 34% favor changing it.  Although donors and community leaders were surveyed, 80% of those that responded were unit scout leaders

Hugh Travis
Scout Executive”

Moser believes the decision was made to please donors, which Travis denies.

“Why was that money taken out of the program for boys?” Moser responded.

He also said that many people reached out to him and thanked him for taking a stance but the Middle Tennessee Council doesn't plan to shift its decision.

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