Cab driver arrested for 2nd DUI in one week

Cab driver arrested for 2nd DUI in one week (Image 1)

Police responded to a call at a residence regarding an intoxicated man operating a vehicle on Tuesday.

When authorities arrived, they saw 52-year-old Timothy Gordon slumped over the steering wheel with an open container of alcohol in his right hand.

At the time, Gordon was sitting in a tan taxi cab van with the ignition running.

Police instructed Gordon to wake up, after which he gave consent for police to do a search.

They removed the keys from the car and seized the alcohol.

In the report, authorities said Gordon had a strong odor of an intoxicant, bloodshot red eyes and had difficulty comprehending.

Gordon allegedly stated that he had been consuming the bottle of alcohol and that he had Burger's Disease, several other medical conditions and an obvious amputated right leg.

Due to his medical conditions, Gordon could not perform a field sobriety test.

After a search of his vehicle, police discovered a second bottle of alcohol behind the driver's seat.

Gordon also told police that he was arrested for a DUI five days prior on May 2.

He was placed in custody and transported to the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department for booking.

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