Man on parole accused of groping a woman in Williamson County

Man on parole accused of groping a woman in Williamson County (Image 1)

A man currently on parole is accused of fondling and groping a woman at a Dollar General store in Franklin.

Cecil Anderson, 38, allegedly grabbed a woman's breast and buttocks in the store on Hillsboro Road on the afternoon of May 3.

Franklin Police Lt. Charles Warner said Anderson and the victim were acquaintances.

“These two people were not friends, but they were not strangers to one another either,” said Warner. “Its my understanding from the report that the victim in this case tried to facilitate a job opportunity for the suspect.”

According to the police affidavit, Anderson began speaking with the victim, and at one point, led her by the hand to an aisle in the store.

The victim said Anderson groped her and she backed away and told him “no”.

“The victim said stop, this is not who we are, get off of me. And the suspect approached her again,” said Warner.

Police arrested Anderson and learned he was out of prison on parole for a robbery charge in 2001.

Previously, Anderson was convicted on one drug count in 1993, eight drug counts in 1994, then in 1995, he was convicted on five counts of selling cocaine.

The robbery conviction in 2001 sent Anderson to prison for 15 years. According to the Department of Corrections, Anderson was granted parole in 2009.

Warner told Nashville's News 2 that this latest charge could send Anderson back to prison.

“If he's violated and found guilty of the offense, he would actually be sent back to the Tennessee Department of Corrections,” said Warner, “to potentially serve the remainder of his sentence for what he was in jail in the first place for.”

Anderson was one year away from his parole expiring.

He is charged with one count of sexual battery and is being held in the Williamson County Jail.

He was served a warrant in jail and his case will be turned over to a Williamson County Grand Jury.

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