Boy with cerebral palsy inspires others after winning wrestling match

Boy with cerebral palsy inspires others after winning wrestling match (Image 1)

When a young boy with cerebral palsy played in a wrestling match late last year, a video of the event went viral on YouTube.

Jared Stevens, a 13-year-old at Sunset Middle School in Williamson County who suffers from severe cerebral palsy, had his first wrestling match against a student at Freedom Middle School.

Justin Kievit volunteered to be Jared's opponent and helped him experience the thrill of victory.

“I pulled him up and slid right under, and just had him right here, and that still counts as a pin,” Justin said.

The video of Jared's victory has hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and has touched the hearts of people across the country.

The two boys became instant celebrities, but the added attention was overwhelming for Jared.

His wrestling coach, John Sandella, said Jared didn't want to wrestle anymore after his first match.

“He wad done. He was very tearful that week and he told me, he kept telling me, ‘I don't deserve this. I don't understand why all this attention is on me', and he didn't want to wrestled again,” Coach Sandella explained.

But on Wednesday, Jared is back on the mat. The season is over, but the team is preparing for summer workouts with Jared right there in the mix.

“I said, ‘You know what, Jared, at this point it's really stopped being about you… it's about what people are gaining from what you did,” the Coach explained.

He continued, “If this young man, who's in a wheelchair, who has these challenges, if he can step out and challenge himself, and do something that most people say that he can't do, or shouldn't do even, then maybe the challenges I'm facing aren't so insurmountable.”

Jared's story continues to inspire others.

ABC's Good Morning America is planning a special surprise for both Jared and Justin.

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