Nissan’s locally made electric car takes off with high sales

Nissan's locally made electric car takes off with high sales (Image 1)

Since January, Rutherford County has been home to Nissan's new generation of electric car called the Nissan Leaf.

From the battery to the motor, the entire car is all Tennessee-made.

Over 300 employees at Nissan helped build the Leaf, and 120 vehicles a day are churned out from the factory.

“We were importing it from Japan and now it's local and we can insulate exchange rate risks,” said Jeff Deaton, Nissan's Battery Plant Manager.

The locally produced car is starting to take off with back-to-back record sales months in March and April.

Last month, Nissan sold 1,937 Leafs, which is a 420% increase over last year.

This years model shows a 15% increase in the rage of battery power.

Lisa Farrar, the Senior Manager of Marketing and Sales said that people over estimate how much they drive.

“So the average American only drives 29 miles a day and your Nissan Leaf can easily get you two and a half times that,” she explained.

Deaton added that once friends, family and neighbors have one, and they can experience how great it is in person, he believes “the sky's the limit for sales in the future electric vehicles.”

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