Nashville dentist searches for next patient makeover

Nashville dentist searches for next patient makeover (Image 1)
Nashville dentist searches for next patient makeover (Image 1)

A Nashville-based dentist is searching for his next patient makeover in his second annual “Nashville's Most Wanted Smiles” contest.

Dr. Michael Atchley began the contest last year as a way to help people feel better about themselves.

“I brought about this contest because many people don't know where to turn and they know that with a better smile they are a better person,” he explained.

Former contest winner, Kayla Pocan came to Dr. Atchley's dental office last year with her teeth rotting.

Pocan told Nashville's News 2 she got braces at the age of 15, however her mother was unable to pay her orthodontist bills and she was left without follow up treatment.

“Because I couldn't get [my braces off], I had very low self esteem,” Pocan recalled. “I was always conscious of the fact that my teeth looked bad.”

As the first ever winner of Dr. Atchley's contest, Pocan underwent thousands of dollars of free dental work during months of treatment.

“I was just in a very low place. Since [I had the dental work done], I've gotten my dream job, a house, a car [and] I got married recently, so basically everything in my life has turned around,” Pocan told Nashville's News 2.

Applications for the second annual “Nashville's Most Wanted Smiles” contest will be accepted through May 26.

“If they feel like they've got a need and it's holding them back in life, apply and we'll look and see if they would benefit from having a makeover,” Atchley said.

Click here for more information on the “Nashville's Most Wanted Smiles” contest. 

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