Mt. Juliet Fire Department starts to take shape

Mt. Juliet Fire Department starts to take shape (Image 1)

While progress on the Mt. Juliet fire station continues, the details of the department's role in the city are starting to become clearer.

The city's first department has been a long time project, but is finally starting to take shape.

“We're going to be ready and try to have ourselves ready to be really up and running and fuller operational before the years end,” Mt. Juliet Fire Chief Erron Kinney told Nashville's News 2.

With Kinney on the job for nearly a month now, he has been working on everything from researching equipment and fire gear, reviewing budgets and planning the hiring process of full time employees and volunteers.

“It's a great challenge, it comes with a lot of responsibility and I'm looking forward to it,” he said.

Most importantly, Chief Kinney and the city have been working out the policies and procedures when it comes to emergency calls.

Though the city will finally have its own fire department, they will still work closely and depend on Wilson County Emergency Management.

WEMA will have one ambulance located at the fire station, which will take on all medical calls, wrecks, and rescues.

“They'll run ambulance calls. We're going to be running fire calls, and we'll run calls that will be toned out to us, emergency calls in this area,” Andy Garrett, Public Safety Director told Nashville's News 2.

“If we need backup we'll call WEMA. If WEMA needs backup in our city limits, they'll call us,” he continued.

While WEMA and the fire department will each have their own roles, both agencies plan to work together to keep the community safe.

The station should be done by Summer 2013.

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