Family of Tabitha Tuders inspired after rescue of Ohio women

Tabitha Tuders

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Debra and Bo Tuders are overcome with emotion just thinking about the three women who managed to escape an Ohio home after nearly a decade of being hostages.

Tabitha Tudors
Tabitha was last seen April 29, 2003 as she was walking to her east Nashville bus stop.

They said the miracle serves as a beacon of hope for the safe return of their missing daughter Tabitha.

“She’s been gone 10 years and this here just gives us some more hope that maybe next time it’s going to be here,” said Bo.

Tabitha Tuders was just 13 when she disappeared on April 29, 2003 in east Nashville while on her way to the school bus stop.

Like many around the world, her parents have been glued to television sets watching the dramatic story unfold in Cleveland.

“The mothers, they have the best Mother’s Day gift that they could ever ask for, is there children back,” said Debra.

She is overjoyed the families have reunited, but are heart broken just thinking about the precious time they also lost.

“He took everything all their childhood away from them and they could never get that back,” Debra said.

Family and friends gathered last week at Bailey Middle School for a candle light vigil on the tenth-year anniversary of Tabitha’s disappearance.

Tabitha Tuders
Tabitha was just 13 years old at the time of her disappearance.

Since Tabitha vanished around the same time the three girls disappeared, the Tuders believe it’s a sign that their daughter will be home soon and they know just how to commemorate that special day.

“That poster will be hanging there until Tabitha comes home,” said Debra.

“And we hope we pull it down tomorrow,” added Bo.

Years ago the mother of one of the Ohio victims turned to a psychic to help track down her daughter. The psychic said her daughter was deceased.

Incidentally, that very same psychic told the Tuders that Tabitha was deceased, too. The Tuders are hoping that psychic is wrong once again.

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