Bedford siblings remain unaccounted for 7 months after fatal fire

Bedford siblings remain unaccounted for 7 months after fatal fire (Image 1)

More than seven months after a tragic fire claimed the lives of a Bedford County couple, their two young grandchildren who were believed to be in the home at the time remain missing.

Leon and Molly McClaran’s home located in the small down of Rover went up in flames on September 23, 2012.

Officials previously reported the blaze burned so hot, it continued to smolder the following day.

“It was unusual. I had never seen anything like it. Everything fell into a basement and it was just like a fire pit,” Captain Tony Barrett of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department said.

The remains of Leon and Molly, who were married for more than 40 years, were found at the scene.

Officials initially believed the couple’s grandchildren, seven-year-old Gage Daniel and nine-year-old Chloie Leverette also perished in the fire, however when their remains were not located the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an Amber Alert, which remains active.

“When you have a cause of death that’s undetermined, a fire that’s undetermined and two children who weren’t found in the fire, but yet haven’t been located anywhere else, anything is possible for this case,” TBI spokesperson Kristin Helm said.

Helm continued, “[It’s] frustrating and difficult anytime you work to find missing children and you aren’t finding them and you’re not receiving any good leads to there whereabouts, it’s very frustrating for the agent.”

Nashville’s News 2 spoke to the McClaran’s daughter Joy Frame, who said she believes her niece and nephew were not inside the home when the fire sparked.

“My mother had small birds.  Little parakeets and little white birds, I forget what they were called. He found my mother’s birds,” Frame said. “Now if he found my mother’s birds, he would have found Chloie and Gage. They weren’t there and I know in my heart they weren’t there.

She also said that she believes it is a case of murder.

“”It’s murder. I don’t care what anybody else says.  Like I said, if they don’t like me saying it on TV I hate that for them,” Frame said.

Her husband, Larry, agrees.

“Here’s the problem.  If it’s not a murder investigation, if it’s not,  then why aren’t you giving us answer?” he questioned.

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