11-year-old boy hit by train survives

11-year-old boy hit by train survives (Image 1)

The parents of an 11-year-old boy are thankful their son is alive after he was hit by a train.

Kevon Mayberry is at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital recovering after doctors had to amputate his left foot above the ankle.

“It could have been worse,” said Dianna Mayberry, the boy's aunt.

Sunday night, the boy and two of his friends were playing near the north Nashville train tracks off 16th Avenue North.

According to police, the two friends told officers they were “trying to ride the train” when the boy fell off and his foot got stuck on the tracks. His friends tried to free him, but were unable to do so in time. 

Mayberry's family doesn't believe he was playing on the train.

“He was not playing on a train. He has enough sense not to play on a train,” his aunt told Nashville's News 2.

According to Mayberry, the boys ran across the tracks to try to beat the train when the boy's foot got stuck.

The boy was told Monday by his family that he had lost his foot.

He plays football and according to his aunt, took the news “very hard.”

Mayberry has a long road ahead of him and will be in the hospital for awhile.

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