Nashville swing dancers find success on YouTube

Nashville swing dancers find success on YouTube (Image 1)

A group of Nashville swing dancers have not only found fame on YouTube, but are also seeing a renewed interest in the art.  

The Nashville Swing Dance Foundation recently produced the video “I Charleston Nashville” which has seen more than 22,000 hits in less than three weeks.

The video features eight main dancers from Middle Tennessee and took about seven days to shoot at 30 different locations throughout the city.

Locations include the Parthenon, Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge, Belle Meade Mansion, Ryman Auditorium, Fisk University, Nashville Zoo,  the “Musica” statue, Bridgestone Arena and many more.

At each location, the main dancers performed a set routine, choreographed by Jon Tigert.

“I took a bunch of classic jazz and Charleston steps, and they just happened to go to the music, and we went from there,” explained Tigert.

Since the video went viral, the group has seen an increase number of new students and has received more performance opportunities, including being asked to perform at American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson's birthday party.

“I think the video translates beyond the audience of just swing dancers and I think it's because of the sheer joy of it,” said Andrew Rozario, who is a member of the Nashville Swing Dance Foundation, and took of the roles of director, videographer, and editor for the “I Charleston Nashville” video.

Tigert added, “This dancing is all about joy and happiness. There's no way to do this dance and not be happy.”

For more information on classes, visit

Click here to view the “I Charleston Nashville” video on YouTube.

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