BNA wants remote bag check for conventions

BNA wants remote bag check for conventions (Image 1)

Long lines at Nashville International Airport will get longer when the new convention center opens this month.

Nashville International Airport spokesperson Shannon Sumrall told Nashville's News 2 that the airport is considering a remote baggage check in at the convention center.

“You'll check in your luggage with a third party at the hotel, then you don't see it again until your final destination,” said Sumrall.

“They'll bring it out to the airport and work with TSA to have it scanned; work with the airlines to make sure it gets on the right airplane. This is what they do, this is their business,” she continued.

Third party companies that provide the service at other airports, such as Atlanta and Orlando, charge customers anywhere five to twenty dollars.

“From what I hear, it sounds like an excellent idea,” said Nashville resident, and frequent flyer, Bob Bedell.

“Anything we can do to work with the city and the airport authority to help streamline things for the passengers would be great,” he added.

The benefits of having an off-site baggage check are obvious. On an average day 25,000 customers pass through BNA with some 7,400 checked bags.

In July of this year, the new Music City Center will host a convention of 23,000 attendees.

“What typically happens with conventions is that they're dropped off by the busloads,” said Sumrall. “What happens is someone who has a flight at 8 p.m. is getting here the same time someone who has a Noon flight. So our ticket lines are getting backed up.”

TSA agents will still scan the bags before they're put on an airline.

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