Hendersonville flood victim concerned about more rain

Hendersonville flood victim concerned about more rain (Image 1)
Hendersonville flood victim concerned about more rain (Image 1)

It's been another wet weekend for much of the area, including Hendersonville, where up to half an inch of rain has fallen since Friday.

Some Hendersonville residents are more nervous than others when the rain starts falling.

Mike Hudson says about once a year storm water gets within inches of his home on Savely Court, including last weekend.

“We moved here in June of 2008,” Hudson said. “And it's flooded six times.”

Hudson's heating and cooling unit has taken on water four times, his fence has been knocked over by flood waters, and his yard is eroding into the drainage ditch behind his property.

“It's ridiculous that, every time it rains, I have to call friends and say, 'Hey, I might flood.'”

Hudson blames an inadequate drainage system.

He points to a 1998 drainage study that found several railroad culverts were creating constraints for drainage. Some 15 years later, Hudson says the problem has yet to be fixed.

“And when [the culverts] get stopped up, all the water has nowhere to go but here,” said Hudson.

Mike Hudson and several of his neighbors plan to attend a public meeting hosted by the Hendersonville Public Works department on Tuesday night.

Residents will express concern about the city's drainage system.

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